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Registering for the Member Agent Area of the Homeowners Catastrophe Insurance Trust (HCIT) website carries with it certain responsibilities. By clicking on the “I Agree” button below and using this website, you indicate your acceptance of the terms of use. Please read the terms carefully:

I understand and agree:
  • Access to HCIT's Member Agent Area is restricted to independent agent association member agents, independent agent association employees, and selected HCIT employees.
  • That individuals within these groups are authorized only after meeting certain identification criteria.
  • That once I am assigned an individual User ID and Password for use in accessing the Member Agent Area, I am to use them for authorized purposes only.
  • That I am to access this area of the website solely for business purposes, understanding that the information contained in the Member Agent Area is proprietary property of HCIT, and that I shall not access the system for the benefit of third parties nor make the system available to third parties without HCIT's consent.
  • That I am responsible for the confidentiality and use of my User ID and Password.
  • To notify HCIT of any change in my registration information.
  • To advise HCIT immediately if I suspect the security of the Member Agent Area has been compromised, promptly notifying HCIT of any unauthorized, negligent or inadvertent use of which I am aware.
  • That while HCIT does not collect any nonpublic, personally identifiable information pertaining to applicants, HCIT reserves the right to collect my information as a registered agent/user and to disallow or discontinue access based on the information received.
  • Trustco, Inc. and HCIT's affiliates, officers, employees, agents and directors are not liable for any damage to users resulting from the interception of any data or communications transported using the Member Agent Area. Trustco and HCIT shall not be responsible for, and make no warranties regarding the access, speed or availability of the HCIT web site.
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